Sea-Borg Mutation 5017 Collector's Figure

Sea-Borg Mutation 5017 Collector's Figure

Mutations: In the world of the Sea-Borgs, these are the fishfolk who didn't come out looking so pretty after the Invaders ruined their world. But that doesn't mean that they have to stay hidden in the murky depths.

These MUTATION figures are the color tests, mistakes and oddball experiments made during the process of creating the standard Sea-Borg line. Though some may be flawed, each one is totally unique, making Mutations the rarest of the bunch.

Sea-Borgs are handmade collector's resin 1:18 scale figures designed, sculpted, cast, finished and packaged by artist, writer and filmmaker James Felix McKenney.

Each figure comes packaged in your choice of a resealable clamshell case with color backing card or bagged with a header card. Please select your option below.

Due to the scrappy nature of the Mutations, the head or other parts may be glued in place. If your figure's appendage doesn't move, don't force it or it will break!

Made in Portland, Maine USA.
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